So here is where I talk about the geeky things of my life. If you’re looking for my personal blog, you can find it at jpnearl.com.

I’m a geek. I’ve been a geek all my life and it actually took me a while to realize that I wasn’t like everyone else in that regard. I love technology. I love all the cool things that gadgets and gizmos and computers can do for us. As a young lad, I would be fascinated with the early computerized point-of-sale systems at the local department store (it was an Ames). The cashier just used it, but I was completed fascinated by it. This fascination brought me into the world of technology.

Today I am a web developer for one of the largest telecoms in the United States. My web apps help the Network Operations Centers manage the outages that are taking place nationwide. I use open source tools to accomplish all of this and it’s all based on open source technology. I’m a big fan of Linux and my personal laptop (a ThinkPad T430) is currently running Ubuntu Linux 12.10.

I started out on a VIC-20 at home and an Apple ][+ at school. I have been online in some manner since 1985, my first online service was GEnie. Made money typing papers on a Commodore 64 in college. Joined the tech world early (at 19!) at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). I was a VAX/VMS and Unix user before a Windows user, then I became a Linux user in 1996 who then discovered OS X with the debut of Cheetah. I’ve used all the incarnations of Windows from Windows/286 to Windows 8, all OS X from Cheetah to Mountain Lion and various flavors of Linux over the years. I contributed a little bit to the Ximian Gnome project years ago and now I try to contribute what I can to Ubuntu. That being said, I’m pretty OS agnostic. The right tool for the right job. As I mentioned before, I use Linux at home and at work I do my work on a Mac (because it’s pretty easy to stay connected with the Microsoft-centric ecosystem at work with a Mac) and they gave me one without question.

I write my code using vim. I occasionally use Coda 2 on the Mac for my work projects, especially since I’m kind of crazy when it comes to formatting code the way I want it to be formatted and I like the Coda 2 environment. I’ve recently begun working on some side projects involving ColdFusion so I’ll be using Eclipse more in the future.

I plan on sharing my tech adventures on this blog here. Though I’ve been in tech for a long while, I still feel like a newbie at times and when someone posts a solution to a problem they’re having and it can be found with a Google search, everyone wins, so that’s what I hope to do here.

Thanks for stopping by.

Oh, if you want to follow along on Twitter, I’m iMachias on there as well


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