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Accept or Reject

So I posted my photos on Facebook last night using Shotwell on Ubuntu 12.10. Everything appeared to go as the night before, which was messages of success. The only difference this second time around was that I didn’t create a new album; I was uploading to an existing album.

This is apparently an important difference.

When I went to Facebook, my photos did not appear on my timeline. When I went to the album, I was notified that I had to either accept or reject the photos because they were being uploaded by an unauthorized application. As a bonus, the acceptance routine seemed broken. It didn’t give any response when used, though if Facebook was closed and reopened, the number of photos in this state would change, but erratically.

This is clearly Facebook’s thing and another reason why that network and platform makes me insane. I don’t like that it’s where all my friends and family want to be.

The more disappointing thing about this, though, is per the quick research I did on this, this whole issue is due to the way Shotwell is communicating with Facebook. I could spend a few hours sorting the issue out, but I don’t want to, not during my vacation. I want to be out enjoying myself and taking more photos. This little glitch is demonstrating once again that Ubuntu, while quite close to where it needs to be, is still not close enough to “plug and play” or “it just works” for Joe Consumer. I’ll still use it and when my vacation is complete, I’ll deconstruct this issue so I can help make this experience less painful for other Shotwell users because that’s what I like to do. It does, however, make me hesitant to recommend a Linux solution to Joe Consumer.

This is a little thing. And it can probably be solved rather easily, but vacationers don’t want to solve things during their time off, they want to use the tools as described. I guess we still have work to do before we’ll see Linux on the desktop/laptop for the masses.

Edit 03 Dec 12 1023 CT: I think I was able to resolve the issue by removing Facebook from my Online Accounts manager in Unity and then re-adding it. I’ll know more tonight when I try to do my daily recap of vacation activities.

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