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I mentioned this on +Mike Elgan ‘s post about Grokr, but the new iOS app ate up 24% of my battery life in an hour because of it’s constant use of location services. Has anyone else tried Grokr and if so, are you experiencing the same thing? My phone was idle during this battery drain. After deleting the app, the phone ate up another 3% in battery in the following two hours, so it’s safe to say it was most likely Grokr.

There has to be a better way. I hope Grokr can get it straightened out. For now, though, I’ll pass.

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Accept or Reject

December 3, 2012 Leave a comment

So I posted my photos on Facebook last night using Shotwell on Ubuntu 12.10. Everything appeared to go as the night before, which was messages of success. The only difference this second time around was that I didn’t create a new album; I was uploading to an existing album.

This is apparently an important difference.

When I went to Facebook, my photos did not appear on my timeline. When I went to the album, I was notified that I had to either accept or reject the photos because they were being uploaded by an unauthorized application. As a bonus, the acceptance routine seemed broken. It didn’t give any response when used, though if Facebook was closed and reopened, the number of photos in this state would change, but erratically.

This is clearly Facebook’s thing and another reason why that network and platform makes me insane. I don’t like that it’s where all my friends and family want to be.

The more disappointing thing about this, though, is per the quick research I did on this, this whole issue is due to the way Shotwell is communicating with Facebook. I could spend a few hours sorting the issue out, but I don’t want to, not during my vacation. I want to be out enjoying myself and taking more photos. This little glitch is demonstrating once again that Ubuntu, while quite close to where it needs to be, is still not close enough to “plug and play” or “it just works” for Joe Consumer. I’ll still use it and when my vacation is complete, I’ll deconstruct this issue so I can help make this experience less painful for other Shotwell users because that’s what I like to do. It does, however, make me hesitant to recommend a Linux solution to Joe Consumer.

This is a little thing. And it can probably be solved rather easily, but vacationers don’t want to solve things during their time off, they want to use the tools as described. I guess we still have work to do before we’ll see Linux on the desktop/laptop for the masses.

Edit 03 Dec 12 1023 CT: I think I was able to resolve the issue by removing Facebook from my Online Accounts manager in Unity and then re-adding it. I’ll know more tonight when I try to do my daily recap of vacation activities.

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December 2, 2012 Leave a comment

So the husband and I are on vacation for the next week. Yesterday we arrived in Houston, and we are going to explore this part of Texas until Wednesday and then drive to Louisiana, where we’ll spend the latter half of the week in New Orleans. This is our first time to Houston and we haven’t been to New Orleans since 1999.

The geek side of me is excited about this trip because this is the first vacation I have been on since 2005 that is not completely Mac centric. The only computer I have in tow in my ThinkPad T430 running Ubuntu. I have my Nexus 7 tablet specifically because I wanted to see how helpful Google Now would be during the trip. I am still using my iPhone 4 because my Verizon contract doesn’t expire until the 1st of February and I was told that you never know what Santa is going to bring because Santa sometimes pays full price for a phone to avoid losing an unlimited plan.

So far photo management has been good, but not great. I am using Shotwell but I can’t find a way to add descriptions to the photos. Shotwell also crapped out a couple of times when uploading to Flickr right from the software. For a couple of the photos last night I ended up uploading them right through the Flickr website interface, which worked just fine. If anyone can help me with Shotwell, I’d certainly appreciate the input from the masses.

I had turned off Google+’s automatic uploading of photos because my iPhone 4 battery life struggles as it is, but right before typing this I turned it back on. Google+ might end up being my go to for photo management, but I don’t see a way to share to Flickr or (gasp) Facebook.

Other functionality with this new tech setup is working brilliantly. Google Now suggested several interesting restaurants around our hotel room. I think it goes without saying that the Nexus 7’s Google Maps application far exceeds the iOS 6 Maps app. Just for kicks I tried the iOS 6 map app from the airport to Houston and the first instructed turn tried to take me into an “Authorized Vehicles Only” area that would have eventually led me to an active runway, but had I crossed the runway, I would have made it out of the airport and on my way onto Interstate 45. So we are sticking with the Google Maps on the Nexus 7 for the rest of the vacation.

I’m not going to spend a huge amount of time tweaking my Ubuntu setup because I honestly want to spend more time just enjoying the vacation with my husband, but I’ll be doing more Shotwell exploring tonight when we get back from our day’s activities.

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